Accessibilty for Ontarians with Disabilities Act

The AODA has been enabled as law in 2005. The law requires all employers (churches included) in Ontario to identify, remove and prevent barriers to accessibility in Ontario. The Act has been implemented as two standards:
1) Customer Service Standards effective January 2012;
2) Integrated Accessibility Standards effective January 2014.

Some of the churches are already aware of this new Government Act and have started this process.  If you are not familiar with the law, you may find the synopsis provided by Carters Barristers and Solicitors helpful:

The Ontario Government also provided information on AODA:

AODA requires that we have policy and procedures in place to ensure that our churches are accessible to all. It also requires that staff and volunteers be trained on the AODA policy and procedures.

AODA Policy

Sample policies can be purchased on the Government’s site
You may also refer to the two sample policies below to help you create your own policies.


Ontario government provided the following instructions on training

AODA Procedures

The procedures are how we incorporate the AODA policy in every aspect of church ministries. This is the area that may require more thoughts. The following resources are included to help you in this process.

Recording from AODA workshop on February 9, 2017

PowerPoint slides of the Main Session:

PowerPoint Slides of the Breakout Workshops

Recorded workshops and webinars:

Webinar:  Proactive Behaviour Management Strategies

Good for All – (Disability Ministries webinar Hosted by Cynthia Tam)

Disability Ministries webinar – From Fear to Care_ Mental Illness in the Church

Recruiting volunteers:

AD Invitation Part 1

AD Volunteers Part 2

The following link is a list of resources concerning the AODA legislation, and a suggested starter list of books, websites and articles related to ministries with people various disabilities

Resource List