Canada Summer Jobs-Update

Here is a brief update on the 2018 Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) issue with links to relevant information from the websites of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) and the Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC).

Please see the emails that we have sent out previously on this topic (ECD announcements of January 17 and an email to Treasurers on March 8).

On March 19, the House of Commons voted on a motion to affirm that organizations that do non-political, non-activist work should be able to access summer student funding regardless of their private convictions and whether or not they sign the attestation of values and beliefs.  Unfortunately this motion was defeated with a disappointing 93 in favour to 207 against.  Click here to find out how your MP voted.

There is still an online petition that you can sign until June 6 which calls on the government to remove the new attestation from the Canada Summer Jobs application.

An interfaith update has been posted online by the EFC and CCCC and can be read here.  The PDF version is online here.

IMPORTANT: The EFC is compiling information on organizations that have been affected by the change to the CSJ application.  Please complete this survey if the change has affected your church in any way, including if you chose not to apply at all.  We will be keeping this information in our files and also forwarding it to the EFC.

If you are looking for more information about what has been done to fight this attestation and suggested next steps, please see EFC and CCCC websites.  These websites are updated regularly.   You can also sign up to receive their email updates on the issue from the EFC (left side of the page) and CCCC (right side of the page).