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Giving Statistics

District Operating Budget (Apr. 2017 – October 2017)
Actual $312,563; Budget $298,487; Plus $14,076

New Ventures (Apr.2017 – October 2017)
Actual $135,133; Budget $175,000; Minus $39,867

Global Advance Fund
All of Canada (Jan. – October 2017):

Actual $10,493,869; Budget $10,902,738; Minus $408,869
Eastern District (Jan. – October 2017):
Actual $1,897,734; Budget $1,693,710; Plus $204,024

Defend Dignity – Choose Change

Are you concerned about how pornography is infiltrating our culture and the impact it is having on our children and others? You and your church can participate in Defend Dignity’s Choose Change campaign, challenging the harms of seeing sexually violent images.  Here’s a video you can show to explain the campaign and how to get involved. We have already had success – The Keg has responded to everyone’s emails and has put filtering on the WiFi in their restaurants; send them a note of thanks.

We have prepared some tools for you to use to engage your church including a summary of the organizations you will be contacting and a postcard to hand out.  Please encourage people to “get clicking.”

The goal of the Choose Change campaign is to reduce the ease of access to violent, sexually explicit images. Today’s “adult content” is misogynistic, violent, degrading, racist, and normalizes rape culture.

In response to the growing body of evidence that online pornography is contributing to a public health crisis, we are asking you to join Defend Dignity in “Challenging the harms of sexually violent images.” We are asking you and your church to contact organizations to encourage them to change detrimental practices and to embrace practices that will promote the overall health of Canadians.

Giving Statistics

District Operating Budget (Apr. 2017 – September 2017)
Actual $270,634; Budget $255,347; Plus $15,287

New Ventures (Apr.2017 – September 2017)
Actual $121,156; Budget $150,000; Minus $28,844

Global Advance Fund
All of Canada (Jan. – September 2017):

Actual $9,439,336; Budget $9,627,936; Minus $188,600
Eastern District (Jan. – September 2017):
Actual $1,704,096; Budget $1,495,673; Plus $208,423

Giving Statistics

District Operating Budget (Apr. 2017 – August 2017)
Actual $215,940; Budget $206,336; Plus $9,604

New Ventures (Apr.2017 – August 2017)
Actual $99,949; Budget $125,000; Minus $25,051

Global Advance Fund
All of Canada (Jan. – August 2017):

Actual $8,558,841; Budget $8,602,572; Minus $43,731
Eastern District (Jan. – August 2017):
Actual $1,500,361; Budget $1,336,386; Plus $163,975

Hurricane Harvey and Irma Relief

The Global Emergency Response Fund is used when crisis or natural disasters strike. Our current responses are bring relief to those impacted by:  Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, flooding in a Central Asian country, and people displaced by conflict in Iraq. Your donation to this fund ensures that relief is provided as quickly as possible to where it is needed most. Our priority is to support local churches and/or like-minded organizations.

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Giving Statistics

District Operating Budget (Apr. 2017 – July 2017)
Actual $171,522; Budget $176,692; Minus $5,170

New Ventures (Apr.2017 – July  2017)
Actual $79,601; Budget $100,000; Minus $20,399

Global Advance Fund
All of Canada (Jan. – July 2017):

Actual $7,582,950; Budget $8,087,525; Minus $504,575
Eastern District (Jan. – July 2017):
Actual $1,350,337; Budget $1,256,374; Plus $93,963

Giving Statistics

District Operating Budget (Apr. 2017 – June 2017)
Actual $141,579; Budget $129,510; Plus $12,069

Canadian Ministries (Apr.2017 – June  2017)
Actual $63,672; Budget $75,000; Minus $11,328

Global Advance Fund
All of Canada (Jan. – June 2017):

Actual $6,595,380; Budget $6,909,201; Minus $313,821
Eastern District (Jan. – June 2017):
Actual $1,184,842; Budget $1,073,325; Plus $111,517

Listening Lessons in Atlantic Canada

The percentage of Atlantic Canada’s population that reports attending religious services is at one of the lowest points it has ever been. Jacob Birch and their family have moved into the neighbourhood to pursue planting a movement of churches in this area.

Listen in on what Jacob is learning and find out how you can support this important movement of the Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada.

Rev. Dave Enns (ECD New Ventures Director) and I enjoyed some discernment days on Prince Edward Island in April. We were there primarily to meet with potential partners for New Ventures while listening to what God might be saying to the C&MA in Canada about the people who live in the C&MA founder’s home province. Here are just 3 of the listening lessons I left the island with:


What is true elsewhere is only more true on PEI: in ministry lead with and through relationships. This lesson revealed itself in the type of questions people ask when you first meet: “Where are you from?” (PEI) versus “What do you do?” (Ontario). We learned it talking to people now planting churches with another denomination who want to also work with the C&MA because of prior relationships with Alliance leaders. We learned it by just spending too much time together driving around the island together, eating together, staying together, talking together and worshipping together. Our first question on PEI will not be “What do we want to do?” but “Who do we know?” PRAY that God will continue to raise up people of peace who will open doors of gospel partnership (Luke 10:6).

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Giving Statistics

District Operating Budget (Apr. 2017 – May 2017)
Actual $75,830; Budget $88,092; Minus $12,262

Canadian Ministries (Apr.2017 – May  2017)
Actual $33,699; Budget $50,000; Minus $16,301

Global Advance Fund
All of Canada (Jan. – May 2017):

Actual $5,438,312; Budget $5,883,110; Minus $444,798
Eastern District (Jan. – May 2017):
Actual $899,520; Budget $913,925; Minus $14,405

Open Doors are Not Always Easy

Graham Clinton describes his story as a New Venture leader as one of open doors – but don’t think that that means an easy journey!

From what he shares about the development of in2one Community Church, which now gathers in a renovated building on a main street in Stouffville, ON, it is easy to tie in his journey to one of New Ventures’ recurring themes: that church planting will challenge your faith to its core. Open doors aren’t invitations to a simple way forward but to a deeper faith in the God who leads.

Graham and his family were living in South Markham when God seemed to call them to lead a new gathering in Stouffville in 2010. Beginning with meeting in homes, they soon pursued renting a space and were eventually given the building they now meet in on Main Street in the city.

As Graham re-iterated several times, in2one “didn’t start by choice” but seemed more like the natural door to walk through – though not without challenges at each step.

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The Centre for Spiritual and Ministry Formation at Toronto Alliance Church

We have one quick question to ask you – we know you are busy!  We are hosting 6 new ministry internships in downtown Toronto starting in September and are looking to bring on talented, gifted and called young leaders (singles or couples) who want to hone their skills in urban outreach methods, spiritual life, prayer, etc.  The internships are in these areas:

  • Children’s Ministry
  • Compassionate Ministry among Street-Involved Adults
  • Ministry to Muslims and Refugees
  • Ministry to Tibetan Buddhists
  • Church Planting among Young Couples and International Students
  • Ministry in the Marketplace

So here is the one question:

Do you know of members from your church or organization who are studying at a Canadian college or university and may be looking for a ministry internship placement in which to grow in their spiritual life and ministry skills this coming fall?

If you do know of someone who might be interested, please forward this email to them ask them to contact us.  Or have them look through The Re-build Centre info on our website.

We would see it as an excellent fulfillment of our partnership to find interns from your church and organization whom we could serve by assisting in defining their spiritual ministry callings.

Thank you for your assistance.

Jim Foster
Internship Coordinator

The Rebuild Centre
Toronto Alliance Church

Click here for details on our Internships

Celebrating North York Central

We are thrilled to be celebrating with North York Central New Venture as they pursue God’s calling as a new community.

North York is currently comprised of about 25 young adults who meet in a movie theatre in the vibrant and diverse area of North York in Toronto.

Learn more about this New Venture here, and please pray for them!

Giving Statistics

District Operating Budget (Apr. 2016 – Mar. 2017)
Actual $529,613; Budget $567,000; Minus $37,387

Canadian Ministries (Apr.2016 – Mar.  2017)
Actual $256,504; Budget $300,000; Minus $46,496

Global Advance Fund
All of Canada (Jan. – Mar. 2017):

Actual $3,625,783; Budget $3,716,929; Minus $91,146
Eastern District (Jan. – Mar. 2017):
Actual $555,256; Budget $578,354; Minus $23,098

The Whole Gospel for the Whole World

Like most Protestant denominations, the Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) was
founded upon ideas that shaped its vision and ethos throughout its history. Also like most
denominations, over time the influence of these ideas on the movement tends to diminish.
Denominations, like any organization, have to consistently revisit their original vision in
order to remain vitally sustained by those things that gave it a reason for existing in the
first place.

This book addresses six key ideas that have shaped the Christian and Missionary
Alliance throughout its history: Jesus as our savior, sanctifier, healer, and coming king,
which are known as the “fourfold gospel,” as well as the concepts of “Jesus only” and world
mission. ese ideas are at the heart of the C&MA identity. However, there has long been a
sense within C&MA circles that these core ideas are not always given the kind of attention
that they deserve so that they can dynamically shape the movement as it faces the
challenges of being the church in the twenty-first century. is volume is a resource for
Alliance churches that will help them re-engage with the central tenets of Alliance theology
and spirituality in a way that will ultimately inspire greater passion for the cause of Christ
in the world as it is uniquely expressed through the movement known as the Christian and
Missionary Alliance.

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in2one Community Church in Stouffville, ON belives that whether you’re hungry or hurt, lonely or lost, full of questions or looking for a home, you’ll find a place within their midst. And they’re especially excited that this place to belong will soon be meeting in an old church building right in the heart of Stouffville, ON.

Even in the midst of renovations and preparation to move into their new space, Pastor Graham Clinton is witnessing God on the move changing lives and bringing people to Himself. His short story is an encouragement for all stages of the church planting journey:

Recently we had a 20-something girl from Australia named Susie indicate that she wanted to be baptized. She has been with us at in2one for about a year but she travels a lot. Her Visa in Canada was running out, but she really wanted to be baptized before returning home.

At in2one have always done baptisms outside in pools, but we are currently in the process of renovating a church building and moving into this space soon. In this building, we do have a baptismal tank but there is currently no way to heat the water. When we got confirmation of Susie’s departure date it was sooner than any of us had thought – 2 weeks! Because we are in the midst of electrical work, we could not get anything set up on that timeline. So, we decided to use buckets. I saw this as a God-send because I have been trying to find ways to get more people more hands onespecially in these important moments – and into the tank we went!

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Giving Statistics

District Operating Budget (Apr. 2016 – Jan. 2017)
Actual $459,100; Budget $469,592; Minus $10,492

Canadian Ministries (Apr.2016 – Jan.  2017)
Actual $217,889; Budget $250,000; Minus $32,111
District Operating Budget (Apr.2016 – Feb. 2017)
Actual $497,389; Budget $520,412; Minus $23,023

Canadian Ministries (Apr.2016 – Feb. 2017)
Actual $235,829; Budget $275,000; Minus $39,171

Global Advance Fund
All of Canada (January 2017):

Actual $1,742,726; Budget $1,838,898; Minus $96,172
Eastern District (January 2017):
Actual $266,034; Budget $256,461; Plus $9,573

An Unexpected Lesson in Church Multiplication

Malcolm Billing is a Regional Initiative leader for Highway 400, one of the fastest-growing areas of the Greater Toronto Area and a crucial link to the communities it connects.

Over the next two years, he hopes to identify new churches and leaders in the region who can help share the message and presence of Jesus in the fast-paced lives of the people in this area. Through his role, he is learning how to lead the conversation about multiplication – in sometimes unexpected ways.

In 2015, Upper Room Community Church began developing a growing heart for multiplication, leading to a prompt for Malcolm’s role to develop. The church initially recognized a need for to plant local expressions of church in the area and it was understood that creating this role would be a key part of allowing them to do just that.

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re-build Update

Transforming Toronto: Rebuilding The Heart Of Downtown

By Jim Foster, Marketplace Minister, Toronto Alliance Church

God has placed a call on our hearts to reach downtown Toronto, what we call His ‘Re-Build Vision’ for our church, Toronto Alliance Church.  Like he did in Jerusalem through Ezra, Nehemiah and the people of Israel, God is now doing through us, and that is to rebuild the city on God’s terms. And just as they did in building a wall against invasion, we’ve started by building up security as together we are building places and relationships where people are safe and can trust God again.

Then by inviting many to commit to their city, and join in small groups to pray and find inspiration from God’s word, we’re rebuilding a commitment to strong community, just as Nehemiah invited a tithe of the people to move back into the city to build a community. Then we’re preparing, as Ezra did, to rebuild the “temple” together and the core places of worship – both within the hearts of followers through gatherings for prayer and worship, and by establishing the places where the community can join in worship, humbly asking God to dwell in and bless our city and nation.

Spiritual community building in the inner city is no small task.  But to rebuild a commitment to worshipping God in the city, he has opened the way for His presence to move through us into the city and to rebuild faith in God there.

Here are a few examples:

  • Community among lonely students
    On Sunday evenings, we host a gathering attended currently by mostly young adults and international students.  Some of them come to practice speaking English at the English Conversation Cafe, and then many turn to deeper matters because of the trusted relationships they’ve built up there.  At first, these students are not open to Jesus, or at least don’t see how He relates to their pain – which has come from everything from loneliness to physical abuse.  Being new to the country, they generally have no family and no community in the City to turn to.  We simply introduce them to Jesus through loving community.  He does the rest through His spirit.
  • Hospitality to immigrant families
    Many people are very lonely in the city, so personal friendships are valued.  In December we helped through a Holiday Party for families from the community to offer hospitality and relationship building for families, most of whom are new to Canada.  We did something similar for Syrian families whom the government had placed in downtown Toronto.  Many of these families have received very little relational care and when we practice hospitality, we find that it always means so much to them.  These are stepping stones toward faith in Christ for these families.
  • Renewal of faith among the homeless
    We pray for, feed, clothe and talk about Jesus to many in the City who have addictions.  Drug use – and hard and dangerous drugs – is growing at an alarming rate in the City, so much so that many street people have expressed their fears of taking the wrong drug one day.  One lady stopped by recently as we were handing out frozen turkeys before Christmas.  She needed prayer about a serious illness but first confessed that she had an addiction that was harming her faith.  In brokenhearted prayer, this First Nations woman rededicated her life to God then and there.  We prayed for her and she left with renewed trust in Jesus.
  • Children & youth discipleship
    During the summer, our soccer league and summer camp are excellent opportunities to share Jesus with community children.  Many kids eagerly participate because they have become close with Christian leaders throughout the year at programs at the local schools.  At camp several years ago, one young girl took a step of faith to seek Jesus.  This girl is now a leader at our kid’s church after school – praying, quoting Scripture, and sharing Christ with her high school friends. She calls this discipleship meeting ‘my church’.  Her family worships an entirely different god, but she now knows Jesus as the only way to God.
  • Healing for the aged
    An older couple from our Saturday night dinner and worship time shared recently how the prayer of a believer had healed him of cancer and restored their marriage.  God has recently blessed them with an inheritance, and they can now move out of the inner city and off of significant government assistance.  They wanted to thank us for serving them and offered to make a donation to the church.
  • Faith in the Savior
    We pray with many to come to faith in Christ.  For example, a gentleman came into the church one day and told our pastor that he was knocking on heaven’s door, but no one was answering.  The pastor corrected him, saying it’s actually the other way around and asked if he would respond to Jesus’ call as he was knocking on his heart’s door.  In the most beautiful prayer, this man prayed and opened his heart to the Lord.
  • A place of worship in downtown Toronto
    We trust God to provide ways for us to re-build the city.  We’re waiting patiently for God to open the door for us to purchase a multi-use property in downtown Toronto – a base from which to re-build.  We feel that the city has urgent needs – it’s not just for our congregation, but also for development services to the community, for evangelistic ministries, for planting churches among ethnic communities, and for the training people in urban and ethnic ministries.  We have been waiting for a while for a larger facility, but we know God has the best timing in mind for us.  And when the time is right and “the wall” is fully built again with the resulting security and community, then the “place of worship” will be provided.

And finally, it’s important to realize that all of these examples involve some form of partnership between us and other churches, businesses or ministry groups in downtown Toronto.  We do everything through partnership.  There is no other way to remain for the long haul in the city than to work hand in hand with others.

We are only One Church after all.  Let’s join hands and re-build that wall, and that community, and gather many again to worship in the City.

Giving Statistics

District Operating Budget (Apr. – Dec. 2016)
Actual $342,026; Budget $375,722; Minus $33,696

Canadian Ministries (Apr. – Dec. 2016)
Actual $189,067; Budget $225,000; Minus $35,933

Global Advance Fund
All of Canada (Jan. – Dec. 2016):

Actual $12,389,232; Budget $14,967,250; Minus $2,578,018
Eastern District (Jan. – Dec. 2016):
Actual $2,308,103; Budget $2,328,904; Minus $20,801

ESL Ministry-Midtown Alliance Church

We love to share about learnings that emerge out of new works being started across Canada. Recently, we heard more about the success of an exciting initiative out of Midtown Alliance Church, a community which started as a New Venture in downtown Toronto in 2009. Read more about their English Conversation Café program and how God has been at work from Tom More, a pastor on staff at the church.

Responding to the huge number of international students studying in the area, we at Midtown decided to start some conversation circles back in 2013.

Click here for the full story

Giving Statistics

District Operating Budget (Apr. – Nov. 2016)
Actual $295,780; Budget $306,212; Minus $10,432

Canadian Ministries (Apr. – Nov. 2016)
Actual $166,658; Budget $200,000; Minus $33,342

Global Advance Fund
All of Canada (Jan. – Nov. 2016):

Actual $11,123,371; Budget $12,827,290; Minus $1,703,919
Eastern District (Jan. – Nov. 2016):
Actual $1,893,096; Budget $1,995,926; Minus $102,830

The Jaffray Offering

Of the $1,000,000 goal, close to $430,000 has been raised.   There is still time to contribute.

The C&MA is focused on sharing the Gospel with people who may never have heard of Jesus. Robert A. Jaffray, a missions pioneer in the 1900s, lived a life of risk focused on our mission, so we’ve named this special annual offering after him.

This year, we are able to go to Senegal and Northern Iraq, to three least-reached people groups: Fulani, Wolof, and Yazidi, through the Global Advance Fund (GAF). Without prayer and finances, we can’t send people to share the Good News in these places.

Churches, please set aside 1+ service in October to receive a Jaffray Offering. 

Click here for more information as well as videos and resources

Praying for Our Canadian Churches

New Ventures Leader Bernard Tam of Midtown Alliance has a passion to pray for the revival of Canadian churches and the hope of meeting Jesus.

He was recently led into a time of reflection and prayer in which he began to think differently about John 11:

John 11 contains the story of the death and resurrection of Lazarus. However the whole story revolves around the conversation between the sisters and Jesus. I think that fruitful parallels can be drawn between Mary and Martha and Lazarus, and Christians within our Canadian context. Are we willing to trust Jesus and pray for revival as these sisters did for their brother in a tumultuous time?

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Giving Statistics

Global Advance Fund
All of Canada (Jan. – Sep. 2016):

Actual $8,747,022; Budget $10,405,964; Minus $1,658,942
Eastern District (Jan. – Sep. 2016):
Actual $1,511,382; Budget $1,619,168; Minus $107,786

District Operating Budget (Apr. – Sep. 2016)
Actual $214,768; Budget $232,134; Minus $17,366

Canadian Ministries (Apr. – Sep. 2016)
Actual $119,297; Budget $150,000; Minus $30,703

God’s Living Word in Quechua

This year National Women’s Ministries is partnering with Inca Link Ministries to raise $150,000 to help teach the Quechua Women of Peru to read. Using all Bible based material, not only are they helping to educate women who have never been to school, but they are also bringing the transforming Word of God to women, families and communities by sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ!

 For you have been born again, not of perishable seed, but of
imperishable, through the living and enduring word of God.

1 Peter 1:23 (NIV)

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