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Defend Dignity Fundraiser

Defend Dignity acts as a catalyst for individuals and churches to end sexual exploitation in Canada. Commercial sexual exploitation includes: pornography, strip clubs, escorts, massage parlors and prostitution. All involve the selling of sexual services which undermine the dignity of women, men and children and are detrimental to a healthy society.

Upcoming fundraiser:

Elizabeth Banducci is swimming across Lake Erie to raise funds for Defend Dignity in August, 2019!

Elizabeth is 16 years old and attends St Thomas Aquinas Secondary school in Brampton, Ontario where she lives with her parents and younger brother, Justin. They all attend Bramalea Alliance Church.

Click here for more information

Do you want to raise awareness in your local church context?  Glendyne Gerrard and Elizabeth are available for speaking engagements.  Please contact: if you are interested.

Giving Statistics

District Operating Budget (Apr. 2018 – January 2019)
Actual $523,729; Budget $527,847; Minus $4,118

New Ventures (Apr.2018 – January 2019)
Actual $230,530; Budget $250,000; Minus $19,470

Global Advance Fund
All of Canada (January 2019):

Actual $302,851; Budget $316,558; Minus $13,707
Eastern District (January 2019):
Actual $1,848,108; Budget $1,637,618; Plus $210,490

Giving Statistics

District Operating Budget (Apr. 2018 – December 2018)
Actual $397,443; Budget $422,345; Minus $24,902

New Ventures (Apr.2018 – December 2018)
Actual $191,866; Budget $225,000; Minus $33,134

Global Advance Fund
All of Canada (Jan. – December 2018):

Actual $13,313,311; Budget $14,597,700; Minus $1,284,389
Eastern District (Jan. – December 2018):
Actual $2,587,045; Budget $2,821,793; Minus $234,748

Giving Statistics

District Operating Budget (Apr. 2018 – November 2018)
Actual $329,094; Budget $344,209; Minus $15,115

New Ventures (Apr.2018 – November 2018)
Actual $170,082; Budget $200,000; Minus $29,918

Global Advance Fund
All of Canada (Jan. – November 2018):

Actual $11,212,641; Budget $12,383,513; Minus $1,170,872
Eastern District (Jan. – November 2018):
Actual $2,178,364; Budget $2,393,782; Minus $215,418

Giving Statistics

District Operating Budget (Apr. 2018 – October 2018)
Actual $285,171; Budget $305,024; Minus $19,853

New Ventures (Apr.2018 – October 2018)
Actual $146,270; Budget $175,000; Minus $28,730

Global Advance Fund
All of Canada (Jan. – October 2018):

Actual $10,026,388; Budget $11,049,988; Minus $1,023,600
Eastern District (Jan. – October 2018):
Actual $1,821,985; Budget $2,316,006; Minus $314,021

Giving Statistics

District Operating Budget (Apr. 2018 – August 2018)
Actual $202,390; Budget $209,833; Minus $7,443

New Ventures (Apr.2018 – August 2018)
Actual $106,048; Budget $125,000; Minus $18,952

Global Advance Fund
All of Canada (Jan. – August 2018):

Actual $8,057,908; Budget $8,739,371; Minus $681,463
Eastern District (Jan. – August 2018):
Actual $1,512,997; Budget $1,689,355; Minus $176,358

Flourishing Congregations Institute

Life. Vitality. Hope. Possibilities.

The Flourishing Congregations Institute wants to know more about these and other qualities in churches across Canada and we would like your help!

Partner with us by including your congregation/parish in a national online survey of congregation/parish leaders and attenders – any congregation/parish, regardless of size, location, or denomination.

With this survey as one piece of a larger vision, we believe that as the Flourishing Congregations Institute and congregations/parishes collaborate around common interests – to see congregations/parishes, neighbourhoods, and Canadians flourish – we collectively benefit.

Click here to learn more about the survey and watch this 3 minute video on how to include your congregation/parish … and email us now to be included.

Have questions? Contact our survey project manager, Lauren Goldbeck, at or 403-410-2000 ext.3997.

CCCC Regional Seminars

Advancing Ministry Together Seminars are one-day educational sessions for those working in church and charity. Taking place in cities across Ontario, these seminars are designed for staff, volunteers, and board members serving in Christian ministry.

Topics covered include taxable benefits, benevolence, abuse prevention, mission trips, deputized fundraising, CRA policy updates, facility rentals, social media, and more.

The seminars will be led by experienced professionals from Robertson Hall Insurance, which has served churches for years, and Canadian Council of Christian Charities, which has a membership of more than 3,400 churches and charities.

The sessions include

  • practical how-tos, best practices, and guidance;
  • insight based on real-life experience from professionals; and
  • answers to specific questions that people in roles like yours are facing today.

Join like-minded people from your community, learn, discover, ask questions, and be equipped for the unique needs of your role.

For more information and locations and to register, click here

Canada Summer Jobs-Update

Here is a brief update on the 2018 Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) issue with links to relevant information from the websites of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) and the Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC).

Please see the emails that we have sent out previously on this topic (ECD announcements of January 17 and an email to Treasurers on March 8).

On March 19, the House of Commons voted on a motion to affirm that organizations that do non-political, non-activist work should be able to access summer student funding regardless of their private convictions and whether or not they sign the attestation of values and beliefs.  Unfortunately this motion was defeated with a disappointing 93 in favour to 207 against.  Click here to find out how your MP voted.

There is still an online petition that you can sign until June 6 which calls on the government to remove the new attestation from the Canada Summer Jobs application.

An interfaith update has been posted online by the EFC and CCCC and can be read here.  The PDF version is online here.

IMPORTANT: The EFC is compiling information on organizations that have been affected by the change to the CSJ application.  Please complete this survey if the change has affected your church in any way, including if you chose not to apply at all.  We will be keeping this information in our files and also forwarding it to the EFC.

If you are looking for more information about what has been done to fight this attestation and suggested next steps, please see EFC and CCCC websites.  These websites are updated regularly.   You can also sign up to receive their email updates on the issue from the EFC (left side of the page) and CCCC (right side of the page).



Ice Dragon-Legend of the Blue Daisies

I am writing to introduce you to a new, faith-based film project that will be coming to Cineplex theatres March 17th and 18th 2018, titled Ice Dragon – Legend of the Blue Daisies. It’s an animated family film targeting kids 5-12 years old. We are reaching out to the Christian community across the country to let key influencers know about the project and how they might take advantage of the film coming to their communities.

In this action packed, musical adventure Melody and her new friend Leif live in a peaceful mountain village. When Melody’s eccentric grandfather Nicholai discovers a hidden mural warning of an Ice Dragon, he tries to warn the village, but no one believes him. Magical blue daisies, a long forgotten song and a sword with special power hold the key to defeating the sinister dragon… but only if hope can arrive in time!

Ice Dragon began as a short story written in 1992 by Canadian director and producer, Bruce Stacey. (God Rocks!Kingdom Adventure, Walk Off the Earth Christmas, Daughters of Eve). Commenting on the film, Stacey said, “The original story sat in my drawer for more than 20 years until I was encouraged by friends at Cartoon Conrad Productions (Kulipari-Netflix Original Series) to dust it off and adapt it for the screen.” Lorna Dueck, CEO at Crossroads Global Media Group says, “CGMG is thrilled to be a ministry partner for the Canada-wide release of this exciting new, family movie. It’s an amazing tale, with great original songs full of faith, hope and love.”

Karl Bastian, noted USA based Children’s Pastor and Leader had this to say:

“Imagine Frozen, Lord of the Rings and Narnia blended into a wonderful children’s story that is a beautiful parable of the Biblical importance of not forgetting ancient Truth. It has adventure, catchy music and a powerful message for all ages.

A fallen angel is trapped in the form of a dragon, known as the Ice Dragon, banished as long as the people remember the Song their Creator gave them. But as time goes by, Truth fades into legend with only a few believers left – and the dragon breaks free! How will the villagers defeat the mighty dragon? You’ll have to find out for yourself!

From the creator of God Rocks comes this delightful story that was written by the creator, Bruce Stacey, decades ago for his own children and has now been brought to life in a spectacular animated film.

As children’s ministry leaders – we need to both celebrate and support creative efforts like this to engage our culture and share the Good News! Instead of just lamenting the drivel and morally deprived content that is being pushed on our kids constantly, get out and show your support for this incredible film! Not only will it appeal to both boys and girls, but the message will engage adults and provide a launch pad for some spiritual conversation.”

A Christian study-guide will also be made available free online for families before the launch date.

Visit to view the official trailer and receive more information.

Download the Church Promo Package here:

Here is a link to the “Ice Dragon – Behind the Scenes” video:

Password: BTSDRAGON18

Need more information about Group Sales for you church group or organization?

Email: and someone will get back to you promptly.

Giving Statistics

District Operating Budget (Apr. 2017 – December 2017)
Actual $414,722; Budget $413,294; Plus $1,428

New Ventures (Apr.2017 – December 2017)
Actual $179,054; Budget $225,000; Minus $45,946

Global Advance Fund
All of Canada (Jan. – December 2017):

Actual $13,519,267; Budget $14,535,001; Minus $1,015,734
Eastern District (Jan. – December 2017):
Actual $2,677,491; Budget $2,257,972; Plus $419,519

Changes to the Canada Summer Jobs Program Could Affect You

What has changed is that the government is now requiring employers to attest that the job and their core mandate do not discriminate on the basis of religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. Furthermore, they must affirm respect for “values underlying the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as well as other rights” including abortion.

If an employer is unable to affirm this, the application will be considered void.

We are concerned that the wording may also mean religious organizations will not be able to hire only students who share their faith. This is in tension with provincial human rights codes which allow religious organizations such as churches, religious camps and religious schools to hire only individuals who share their faith commitments.

The EFC has just posted a short video in which EFC Executive VP David Guretzki urges Canadians to take immediate action by meeting with or contacting our MPs to make our concerns known. MPs are in their ridings now through the end of January.

The new video, and other new EFC resources on the issue, are available at They include:

  • Latest two-minute video (Jan. 3, 2018)
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about this issue (4 page PDF, Jan. 3, 2018)
  • Sample letters to contact your MP (in .docx format, updated Jan. 3, 2018)
  • The EFC sent a letter to the Hon. Patty Hajdu, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour (Dec. 22, 2017). It expresses dismay at how the guidelines violate fundamental Charter of Rights and Freedom guarantees and urges the government “to amend the Canada Summer Jobs application process to allow religious organizations to stay true to their communal identity and beliefs.”
  • Initial two-minute video (Dec. 20, 2017)

    What can you do?

    The sample letters above offer contact information and possible wording that you can use to contact your MP and Minister Hajdu to let them know how this will impact you and your ability to serve your community. One of the most effective ways to communicate is by meeting with your MP while they are in their riding this month.

    Finally, please urge other believers in your community to pray for religious freedom in Canada to be protected and respected, for our churches and ministries to be able to continue to work for the good of our society without hindrance, and for God to be glorified.

Celebrating the Living Room

Today we celebrate The Living Room Churcha New Venture that continues to grow and is now ready to embrace what God has next for them.

In November 2017, The Living Room Churchlaunched in midtown Toronto. The ordination service was held at St. Monica’s on Broadway Avenue, where they meet. Bernard Tam, lead pastor, writes:

The little gym at St. Monica was packed with over 100 people and with numerous kids running through and around. It was a simple but wonderful celebration service. At the end of the night a few of our friends told us how warm (not because the heat was on) and welcoming the time together had been.

I was really challenged and touched because welcoming is a distinctive and something that I believe our church has been called to witness in the neighbourhood. I pray that we will continue to be a welcoming and hospitable community for all who would be journeying alongside us.

Click here for the full story

Giving Statistics

District Operating Budget (Apr. 2017 – October 2017)
Actual $312,563; Budget $298,487; Plus $14,076

New Ventures (Apr.2017 – October 2017)
Actual $135,133; Budget $175,000; Minus $39,867

Global Advance Fund
All of Canada (Jan. – October 2017):

Actual $10,493,869; Budget $10,902,738; Minus $408,869
Eastern District (Jan. – October 2017):
Actual $1,897,734; Budget $1,693,710; Plus $204,024

Defend Dignity – Choose Change

Are you concerned about how pornography is infiltrating our culture and the impact it is having on our children and others? You and your church can participate in Defend Dignity’s Choose Change campaign, challenging the harms of seeing sexually violent images.  Here’s a video you can show to explain the campaign and how to get involved. We have already had success – The Keg has responded to everyone’s emails and has put filtering on the WiFi in their restaurants; send them a note of thanks.

We have prepared some tools for you to use to engage your church including a summary of the organizations you will be contacting and a postcard to hand out.  Please encourage people to “get clicking.”

The goal of the Choose Change campaign is to reduce the ease of access to violent, sexually explicit images. Today’s “adult content” is misogynistic, violent, degrading, racist, and normalizes rape culture.

In response to the growing body of evidence that online pornography is contributing to a public health crisis, we are asking you to join Defend Dignity in “Challenging the harms of sexually violent images.” We are asking you and your church to contact organizations to encourage them to change detrimental practices and to embrace practices that will promote the overall health of Canadians.

Giving Statistics

District Operating Budget (Apr. 2017 – September 2017)
Actual $270,634; Budget $255,347; Plus $15,287

New Ventures (Apr.2017 – September 2017)
Actual $121,156; Budget $150,000; Minus $28,844

Global Advance Fund
All of Canada (Jan. – September 2017):

Actual $9,439,336; Budget $9,627,936; Minus $188,600
Eastern District (Jan. – September 2017):
Actual $1,704,096; Budget $1,495,673; Plus $208,423

Giving Statistics

District Operating Budget (Apr. 2017 – August 2017)
Actual $215,940; Budget $206,336; Plus $9,604

New Ventures (Apr.2017 – August 2017)
Actual $99,949; Budget $125,000; Minus $25,051

Global Advance Fund
All of Canada (Jan. – August 2017):

Actual $8,558,841; Budget $8,602,572; Minus $43,731
Eastern District (Jan. – August 2017):
Actual $1,500,361; Budget $1,336,386; Plus $163,975

Hurricane Harvey and Irma Relief

The Global Emergency Response Fund is used when crisis or natural disasters strike. Our current responses are bring relief to those impacted by:  Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, flooding in a Central Asian country, and people displaced by conflict in Iraq. Your donation to this fund ensures that relief is provided as quickly as possible to where it is needed most. Our priority is to support local churches and/or like-minded organizations.

Click here to donate

Giving Statistics

District Operating Budget (Apr. 2017 – July 2017)
Actual $171,522; Budget $176,692; Minus $5,170

New Ventures (Apr.2017 – July  2017)
Actual $79,601; Budget $100,000; Minus $20,399

Global Advance Fund
All of Canada (Jan. – July 2017):

Actual $7,582,950; Budget $8,087,525; Minus $504,575
Eastern District (Jan. – July 2017):
Actual $1,350,337; Budget $1,256,374; Plus $93,963

Giving Statistics

District Operating Budget (Apr. 2017 – June 2017)
Actual $141,579; Budget $129,510; Plus $12,069

Canadian Ministries (Apr.2017 – June  2017)
Actual $63,672; Budget $75,000; Minus $11,328

Global Advance Fund
All of Canada (Jan. – June 2017):

Actual $6,595,380; Budget $6,909,201; Minus $313,821
Eastern District (Jan. – June 2017):
Actual $1,184,842; Budget $1,073,325; Plus $111,517

Listening Lessons in Atlantic Canada

The percentage of Atlantic Canada’s population that reports attending religious services is at one of the lowest points it has ever been. Jacob Birch and their family have moved into the neighbourhood to pursue planting a movement of churches in this area.

Listen in on what Jacob is learning and find out how you can support this important movement of the Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada.

Rev. Dave Enns (ECD New Ventures Director) and I enjoyed some discernment days on Prince Edward Island in April. We were there primarily to meet with potential partners for New Ventures while listening to what God might be saying to the C&MA in Canada about the people who live in the C&MA founder’s home province. Here are just 3 of the listening lessons I left the island with:


What is true elsewhere is only more true on PEI: in ministry lead with and through relationships. This lesson revealed itself in the type of questions people ask when you first meet: “Where are you from?” (PEI) versus “What do you do?” (Ontario). We learned it talking to people now planting churches with another denomination who want to also work with the C&MA because of prior relationships with Alliance leaders. We learned it by just spending too much time together driving around the island together, eating together, staying together, talking together and worshipping together. Our first question on PEI will not be “What do we want to do?” but “Who do we know?” PRAY that God will continue to raise up people of peace who will open doors of gospel partnership (Luke 10:6).

Click here for the full post

Giving Statistics

District Operating Budget (Apr. 2017 – May 2017)
Actual $75,830; Budget $88,092; Minus $12,262

Canadian Ministries (Apr.2017 – May  2017)
Actual $33,699; Budget $50,000; Minus $16,301

Global Advance Fund
All of Canada (Jan. – May 2017):

Actual $5,438,312; Budget $5,883,110; Minus $444,798
Eastern District (Jan. – May 2017):
Actual $899,520; Budget $913,925; Minus $14,405

Open Doors are Not Always Easy

Graham Clinton describes his story as a New Venture leader as one of open doors – but don’t think that that means an easy journey!

From what he shares about the development of in2one Community Church, which now gathers in a renovated building on a main street in Stouffville, ON, it is easy to tie in his journey to one of New Ventures’ recurring themes: that church planting will challenge your faith to its core. Open doors aren’t invitations to a simple way forward but to a deeper faith in the God who leads.

Graham and his family were living in South Markham when God seemed to call them to lead a new gathering in Stouffville in 2010. Beginning with meeting in homes, they soon pursued renting a space and were eventually given the building they now meet in on Main Street in the city.

As Graham re-iterated several times, in2one “didn’t start by choice” but seemed more like the natural door to walk through – though not without challenges at each step.

Click here for the full story

The Centre for Spiritual and Ministry Formation at Toronto Alliance Church

We have one quick question to ask you – we know you are busy!  We are hosting 6 new ministry internships in downtown Toronto starting in September and are looking to bring on talented, gifted and called young leaders (singles or couples) who want to hone their skills in urban outreach methods, spiritual life, prayer, etc.  The internships are in these areas:

  • Children’s Ministry
  • Compassionate Ministry among Street-Involved Adults
  • Ministry to Muslims and Refugees
  • Ministry to Tibetan Buddhists
  • Church Planting among Young Couples and International Students
  • Ministry in the Marketplace

So here is the one question:

Do you know of members from your church or organization who are studying at a Canadian college or university and may be looking for a ministry internship placement in which to grow in their spiritual life and ministry skills this coming fall?

If you do know of someone who might be interested, please forward this email to them ask them to contact us.  Or have them look through The Re-build Centre info on our website.

We would see it as an excellent fulfillment of our partnership to find interns from your church and organization whom we could serve by assisting in defining their spiritual ministry callings.

Thank you for your assistance.

Jim Foster
Internship Coordinator

The Rebuild Centre
Toronto Alliance Church

Click here for details on our Internships

Celebrating North York Central

We are thrilled to be celebrating with North York Central New Venture as they pursue God’s calling as a new community.

North York is currently comprised of about 25 young adults who meet in a movie theatre in the vibrant and diverse area of North York in Toronto.

Learn more about this New Venture here, and please pray for them!

Giving Statistics

District Operating Budget (Apr. 2016 – Mar. 2017)
Actual $529,613; Budget $567,000; Minus $37,387

Canadian Ministries (Apr.2016 – Mar.  2017)
Actual $256,504; Budget $300,000; Minus $46,496

Global Advance Fund
All of Canada (Jan. – Mar. 2017):

Actual $3,625,783; Budget $3,716,929; Minus $91,146
Eastern District (Jan. – Mar. 2017):
Actual $555,256; Budget $578,354; Minus $23,098

The Whole Gospel for the Whole World

Like most Protestant denominations, the Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) was
founded upon ideas that shaped its vision and ethos throughout its history. Also like most
denominations, over time the influence of these ideas on the movement tends to diminish.
Denominations, like any organization, have to consistently revisit their original vision in
order to remain vitally sustained by those things that gave it a reason for existing in the
first place.

This book addresses six key ideas that have shaped the Christian and Missionary
Alliance throughout its history: Jesus as our savior, sanctifier, healer, and coming king,
which are known as the “fourfold gospel,” as well as the concepts of “Jesus only” and world
mission. ese ideas are at the heart of the C&MA identity. However, there has long been a
sense within C&MA circles that these core ideas are not always given the kind of attention
that they deserve so that they can dynamically shape the movement as it faces the
challenges of being the church in the twenty-first century. is volume is a resource for
Alliance churches that will help them re-engage with the central tenets of Alliance theology
and spirituality in a way that will ultimately inspire greater passion for the cause of Christ
in the world as it is uniquely expressed through the movement known as the Christian and
Missionary Alliance.

Click here for the flyer