Christians Against Poverty

Following much investigation into programs and series to address a significant issue regarding the stress of finances for people in our church and community,  we settled on the CAP-Money Course. After our first sessions are we ever glad that we did! 

We have several couples, young adults, retirees and entire families signing up to take the course. The conversations that are happening, the practical tools (friendly and informative) are enabling people to determine where they stand in regards to controlling their finances. The content of the course truly engages people to “examine their hearts” and to make life changing decisions as God directs them to use wisely the resources He has provided to them.

Our vision is to extend the offering of the course beyond our church family to the community around us, as we believe God will open doors and conversations for us to bless the church, and our community with helpful resources, and to engage them in conversation as to God’s love and forgiveness in all areas of our lives.

Endorsement by John Norton

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