Counselling Assistance Plan (CAP)

What is CAP?
CAP, or Counselling Assistance Plan, is a way for Eastern Canadian District to make counselling services available for all licensed workers. From time to time all of us are faced with difficulties—some more serious than others. Usually, we are able to resolve them. But there may be a time when our usual ways of coping no longer seem to work. This may be a situation related to family, marriage, grief, ministry, etc. If that happens to you, CAP offers professional Christian counselling support.

Services Provided
CAP offers a solution-focused counselling model of up to 6 sessions in a year. A professional counsellor who is a Christian will help you to develop a strategy to cope with and resolve a variety of issues, including marriage difficulties, adolescent and children’s issues, bereavement, stress, trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction, abuse and others.
Services include individual, couple, family
and group counselling.

To book an appointment or to
ask any questions call:
toll free: 866.347.0041

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