Deeper Life & Prayer Ministries

After Jesus secured our salvation on the cross through His death and resurrection He commissioned His disciples to take the gospel to the entire world. The first thing He told the disciples to do was to  “wait in the city” for the empowering of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit was given at Pentecost after the 120 disciples had gathered in a time of extended prayer. Prayer is waiting before the Lord for His empowering, His instructions and His presence to lead us forward.

God is calling His church to “devote themselves to prayer” (Phil. 4:2) like never before. There are
consistent visions emerging out of prayer times where people are seeing flames of fire—revival
fire going across our land. Our desire is to mobilize the church to pray and to gather together as
the Spirit leads so that fresh waves of “revival fire” will go across this land to bring in the bride
and bring back the King.

We desire to strengthen our prayer base, as pastors and leaders, churches and as a district, so that we can move out fully equipped and Spirit empowered to be about our Father’s Business.

The following are steps to help get us there:
1. Develop a strong district prayer base
2. Host “Listening to God” seminars
3. “Prayer Retreats” that ignite our first love
4. Holy Spirit Encounter Events
5. Assist churches in strengthening their prayer base.

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