A Bible College level course that: grounds the student in all areas of doctrine, teaches the life of Christ, equips for ministry and helps develop life changing spiritual disciplines. This 2 to 3 year course, taught in the local church setting, plus Alliance History and Thought provide the minimum training requirements for receiving a non-portable license to become an Alliance Official Worker in a local church.

Ambrose Seminary
Ambrose Seminary has a commitment to training leaders for ministries within the local church and abroad. Several courses are offered each year at sites around the district ( These courses can be for credit or audit.

Alliance History and Thought Courses
“The course is to inform an Alliance sense of identity, to ground teaching and worship, and to find its way into lived commitments. Alliance identity is shaped by a tradition, expressed by Albert B. Simpson as the Fourfold Gospel which has continually witnessed the fact that Christ’s work has present as well as future implications. It calls adherents to and empowers them for holiness, it affirms God’s interest in the physical as well as the spiritual, and it points forward to hope in the coming of Christ’s Kingdom.” – Prof. Ken Draper
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For information on course credit please contact Kevin Lim