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Member Care
Connectors (This is our regular newsletter)
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Having our Identity in Christ, and not in Ministry (Sunder Krishnan)

Member Care

Presently, the leadership team is making personal contact with each of our district members on a regular basis for “connection” and prayer.

Staying fit physically

Staying fit mentally

Staying fit spiritually

Retirees connecting with retirees

Articles (Coming Soon)

– Managing finances
– Preparing to be financially free in retirement
– What to do with your ARF (Alliance Retiral Fund)
– Managing your finances in retirement
– How to be a Christian and not in charge
-How to be a blessing to your pastor and church family
-seek resources from Judith Wiebe

Events or Connecting Points


– this is our regular ‘connecting’ communication periodical to keep our POWER Team connected and informed.  You may click on the previous CONNECTORs for information.

CONNECTOR #30 November 2018

CONNECTOR #29 August 2018

CONNECTOR #26 January 2018

CONNECTOR #25 September 2017

CONNECTOR #24b June 2017 Reichert

CONNECTOR #24a June 2017 CCD

CONNECTOR #24 April 2017

Blessings in Bangkok – NEW AWF President Elected

CONNECTOR #23 January 2017


CONNECTOR #21c June 2016 GA PT Dinner Invite

CONNECTOR #20 May 2016

CONNECTOR #19 Feb 2016

CONNECTOR #18 Dec 2015

CONNECTOR #17 Oct 2015

CONNECTOR #16 Special

CONNECTOR #15 August 2015

CONNECTOR #14 June 2015

CONNECTOR #13 May 2015

CONNECTOR #12 Mar 2015 – reminder

CONNECTOR #11 Feb 2015

2014 Christmas letter

CONNECTOR #10 Dec 2014

CONNECTOR #9 Sept 2014

CONNECTOR #8 June 2014

CONNECTOR #7 May 2014

CONNECTOR #6 Apr 2014

CONNECTOR #5 Mar 2014

CONNECTOR #4 Feb 2014

CONNECTOR #3 Jan 2014

CONNECTOR #2 Nov 2013

CONNECTOR #1 Oct 2013

Regional Gatherings for POWER Team

Plans are to have one gathering in the spring and one in the fall.  They will be from 10 a.m.-1:30 p.m. ($5 includes your lunch).

District Events

POWER Team members are invited to join with the District Events


Prayer Retreat

These happen every Fall as a time to get-away, relax, be fed, be connected.  All licenced Christian workers with the Alliance and their spouse is encouraged to attend

District Conference

These happen every other year and POWER Team is encouraged to attend even though you may not have a vote.

General Assembly 

This happens every other year with representation from all the districts and churches to carry out the business of the C&MA in Canada.