Power Team Story Board

We desire to have everyone of our POWER Team members included in this.  This is HIStory of what God has done in bringing us into this world to serve Him.  As you read these, rejoice in what he has done and continues to do through His faithful servants.

If you desire to read the Bios of our Alliance missionaries, go on line to  http://globalvault.ca/5-biography-2/ and you will get great stories.  Those relate to missionaries,  while POWER Team desires to include as well our pastors and educators who have served the Alliance.  These stories are of those who are living in the Eastern Canadian District & the Central Canadian District.  If yours is not here, it is most likely due to the fact it was not submitted so we invite you to send yours in with a picture to waynebettyk@rogers.com

Those living in the Eastern & Central Canadian Districts 

Batchelor, Roy

Cook, Arnold & Mary Lou

Gould, Robert and Louella

Hogenbirk, Gerald and Dorothy

Kerr, Wayne & Betty

Mackinnon, Ron & June

Monroe, Lorna

Yeung, Rev. Dr. Alexander

McLean, Laurie and Nancy

Beasley, Bob & Wendy

Bucek, Gordon

Lightbody, Stuart & JoAnne

Mackness, Dale & Janet

Peters, Ray & Dorothy