Toronto Faith Coalition

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The zoning bylaw that has been prepared for the GTA without the input of Places of Worship within the GTA threatens the …future of Places of Worship in the GTA. Every city in Canada is watching how this transpires. What Toronto does and how Places of Worship respond will set the pace for zoning bylaws for all other cities in Canada. As members of Places of Worship in the GTA, we need to understand the threats these bylaws pose and respond accordingly.

The Toronto Faith Coalition was formed to provide the facts from a Places of Worship perspective so that members can be informed and equipped to exercise their options accordingly

If things do not change, all Places of Worship are about to experience great hardships.

 1) The zoning process will stop Places of Worship from renting and buying property.

 2) Churches will require more parking and have a reduced occupancy load for your auditoriums.

 3) Will no long allow us in light employment lands, residential areas and other compatible neighbourhoods

 We Need Your Involvement Now!

Your donation will go towards any legal or other costs incurred while pursuing changes to these bylaws.

For more information please contact Kevin Begley (Toronto Faith Coalition Chair) at: