Vision Prayer

O God, with all our hearts we long to be:
a movement of churches
transformed by Christ,
transforming Canada and the world.

By your grace and for your glory:
• Renew and empower us through a fresh encounter with yourself
• Release us to be strategic in service, kingdom-connected in practice, passionate in pursuit of your mission and mercy
Use us to fulfill your purpose for Canada and the world.


• Seek out 4-5 others. Pray the Lord to “Unite my heart to fear Your name… Ps. 86:11b”
• Confess any reserve to pray this prayer wholeheartedly.
• Acknowledge that to pray this prayer is to commit to it, to sacrifice toward its completion and to engage with other churches to accomplish it.
• Request that half-hearted devotion be replaced with a growing yearning that God have His way among us as a movement of churches.


• Repent of any attitude or behavior that stops churches from looking beyond themselves. Start with yourself.
• Name whatever ingrown thinking needs to leave your own congregation and renounce it.
• Pray for your congregation to develop “new wineskins” for “new wine” – new strategies, new forms, and new approaches to reach a changing society with the gospel.
• Ask God for fresh strategies to partner with the Alliance church(es) nearest to you to touch your community.
• Ask the Lord for partnerships with other churches (name them specifically) and commit to working with them.


You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you…
• Ask that our movement be “transformed by the renewing of [our] mind”. Begin with yourself.
• Pray for the C&MA to be open to, and utterly committed to the life-changing, the radical and the new, even as we stand in our heritage.
• Pray for personal transformation-name an area that needs to be changed in your own life.
• Pray for congregational transformation-name an area that needs to be changed in your church.


Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, the ends of the earth…
• Pray for our nation-the government-that Godly agendas be required through minority rule.
• Pray for a missionary you know by name in a cross-cultural situation. Ask God to provide inspiration. Ask God if you are to be a provider.
• Pray for an utterly unreached people group-those under the domination of Islam, closed Hindu and Buddhist nations, etc.


• Pray for each other that Jesus grant a fresh “baptism in the Holy Spirit” resulting in holiness, power for service and new release of spiritual gifts not known before.
• Pray for our leaders-local pastors, DS’s, the president and vice-presidents by name-that the Spirit of the Lord revisit their lives in remarkable new ways.
• Pray that we corporately would receive a fresh infilling of the Lord’s Spirit as He leads us to transform others.


Get up and go to a street called straight… Acts 9:11
• Pray for our national, district and local leaders to do the things that succeed and to drop the things that are no longer relevant.
• In your own church, name what needs to be dropped and what needs to be developed/occur to reach your area.


“Preach…’the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons…'” Matt 10:7-8
• Pray that our churches put “first the kingdom of God and His righteousness”-that budgets, decisions, staffing-all reflect kingdom values.
• Pray that the powers of darkness be embarrassed, as the kingdom of Satan is expelled through our obedience.
• Pray that healings, deeper life, deliverance from demonic influences occurs as we plant churches, learning institutions and send workers around the world


I did not prove disobedient to the heavenly vision… Acts 26:19
• Pray that God would come to our aid in three ways (name people in each category):
a) to raise up fresh energy among the discouraged, the grieving, and the wounded
b) to rekindle the fire of the weary, and
c) to embrace the determination of the impassioned.