What is a New Venture?

The Christian and Missionary Alliance is motivated by the desire to make disciples across the nation of Canada through a movement of churches. We believe that God is at work calling leaders and communities to “new” things in order to reach Canada from Sea to Sea. We call this movement of new things, “New Ventures.”

What is a New Venture?  

A New Venture is a community who is listening and responding to what Jesus has called them to be and to become. To assist leaders in listening and responding, the C&MA has gathered a New Ventures Team to facilitate a learning and growing environment. Every New Venture looks different, and the New Ventures Team commits to walking alongside you to help you listen and respond to how God is leading you as an individual or community.

Becoming a New Venture 

Becoming a New Venture begins with a conversation to learn about your sense of calling and vision. By seeking clarity together, providing leadership development and coaching, and engaging funding opportunities, we assist you in the realization of your calling and gifts.

Visit our New Ventures website to learn more.


For more information, or to schedule a primary conversation, email Dave Enns at dave@easterndistrict.ca