Winning Kids


Having worked with children in hospitals, schools, daycare, churches, after-school programs, pre-school programs and in the Arts, Melodie launched Winning Kids, Inc. with a desire to raise the bar on behalf of the children everywhere. Melodie is committed to creating winning environments for kids!  She accomplishes this by providing leaders the tools, training and momentum needed to accomplish their vision and goals.

Winning Kids Inc. is committed to providing tools, training and momentum to help you win the race against abuse. Our passion is kids!  With our experience and enthusiasm we can help make the planning and implementation of abuse prevention a manageable task.  Be assured our products have been written and developed with a Canadian context in mind.

Winning Kids Inc., is your one stop in creating winning environments for kids and developing a plan to protect for children, youth and your organization in Canada and beyond. We are currently in final development and design stages for a United States version of Plan to Protect.  We are now accepting pre-paid orders for this resource.

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